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Steve Austin on Satellite TV

You can watch Stone Cold Steve Austin and host of other WWE super stars with satellite TV. Direct TV is one of the major providers of Direct To Home television broadcasting. With direct TV you can receive over 300 channels with just a small eighteen inch Direct TV dish on your roof top. Direct TV is much more feature rich and advanced than your local cable. Direct TV offers complete digital sound and video and host of other features like programming guide, pay per view etc.

WWE the playground of Stone Cold is available with direct TV in pay per view mode. With pay per view you donít need to pay any heavy monthly or yearly subscriptions. You just need to pay for whatever you are watching. Pay per view is easily ordered through the remote itself. Just make sure your phone line is connected to the receiver then browse to channel 117 and find the WWE even starting with your on-screen guide. Flip to the channel in which it is playing (usually all WWE events are broadcasted on channel 123) and press Ok to order. Wait for the event to start and enjoy!!!

Direct TV pay per view also features High Definition Television and Dolby Surround sound to add clarity and sound effects to the WWE match ups.With Pay per view you need not pay monthly bills, just watch what you feel like and when you feel like and pay for only shows that you watch and for not what you donít watch. If you donít have a phone line connected to your receiver, you can order through the internet also. Just visit the Direct TV site, click on pay per view and just order any show you want to watch. You can order through telephone too. Just call 1-800-531-5000, use the touch tone system to make your selection and order your favorite WWE events.